Baby kangaroo

Baby kangaroo

Kangaroo Facts:

There are four species of kangaroos , the Red, Antilopine , Eastern Grey and Western Grey Kangaroo.

Also Kangaroos fall under the animal family Macropodidae , which basically signifies ‘big foot .’ Due to their massive feet and strong hind legs , kangaroos are able to travel over 56km/h and jump above 9m in one leap , that’s beyond 6 ten-year-olds laying head to toe ! They possess small front legs and a long , strong tail that helps them balance when jumping .

Baby kangaroo name:

Kangaroos tend to be known as “roos” . Male kangaroos are referred to as bucks , boomers , jacks , or old men ; females are does , flyers , or jills ; while the kids are joeys . The mutual noun for kangaroos is a mob , troop , or court . 



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